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David has a unique depth of knowledge and understanding of digital photography.


Taking his first photo for money aged 5!!! and then learning printing from chaps in their 60's in the mid 1960's as a child, he was taught techniques long since obsolete. His father Reg was a press photographer, and David received a superb grounding in all the required photo and people skills from him.

Leaving school in 1980 David worked at Butlin's in Filey as a photographer - an advanced lesson in people skills!

He has been photographing weddings since aged 13 which makes this year his 33rd anniversary!

Learning and using Photoshop from version 2.5 back in the late 80's give 20 years experience of the program (and with CS3 is still learning!). At that time he also published a monthly magazine and was responsible in all it's design - so was a very early adopter in DTP too.

Has owned and run a digital lab since 1999... and became a beta tester for the production software ever since. Kodak have used his photos, designs and output at every major world show until 2007.

The software house he betatests for is now sold by Fuji - and has been on their stands in the USA & UK since 2007

  • Photokina 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2006
  • PMA (photo Marketing Association) & PSPA (professional Schools Photographers Association) in the USA 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007
  • Has also attended four Photokina's (1998, 2000, 2004 & 2006)
  • and has lectured at PSPA in the UK in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008
  • has lectured at PSPA in USA in 2007
  • Has also lectured for Kodak in Spain & England
  • Has lectured for Fuji in N.Ireland at at SWPP 2008
  • Work shown at PMA 2007 on the Fuji stand
  • Has lectured at Photo Training Overseas in Cyprus
  • Has lectured for various MPA regions throughout the UK

David also has done numerous one-to-one's for professional photographers throughout the UK.

He has also been a consultant for a number of photographers and labs - and can help specify and supply both hardware and software required. There is a selection of software products, computer hardware and photo hardware which he has found over the past few years, much of which is hard to obtain in the UK which are ideal solutions to the the problems you're just finding!

David has a good grounding in most software used in the photo industry, as well as networking and most used Microsoft software and O.S. and has contacts for Macintosh and Lotus Notes.

He offers a ICC profile building service - which can be used on all types of printer.

Please email with any enquiry

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